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Internet is now the No. 1 communication tool that can create strong relationships anywhere in the world. It can help each individual create a unique bond between them and their loved ones even they are abroad. This is because people can now talk over VOIP, see each other through webcam, text each other using the SMS Gateways and exchange emails. But having a really fast and reliable connection is costly. That is why all the Internet Service Providers all over the world is doing everything to provide good service to make the world a better place for communication.

In the United States, there are Internet Providers that is really making its mark in terms of providing a really cheap and reliable digital subscriber line. It's already up to us who to trust and try to see what they can offer. Here are the providers which offer really cheap DSL rates in alphabetical order AT&T, BellSouth, EarthLink, Qwest & Verizon. As for me almost all of these providers can give fast internet access to all the states of America. But guess what, the speed connection that they might offer will really depend on how far you are from their Central Office and whether the connection you are going to buy is cheap or not, the connection available in your area might not going to satisfy your internet needs.

The first thing that we need to consider in choosing a really reliable internet is to ask the provider where their Central Office is located. This is because each mile away from it can cause you a big dilemma. You don't want to have a dial-up-like connection when you bought a really fast 2Mbps type of service right? Second thing to consider is to make sure that your internet company has a Telecoms partner where they can install your internet connection as fast as possible. If you already have a regular telephone line at home because it would be better if you can check if they are offering a broadband service for their loyal customers. In this way, your relationship depth from your Telco can really go a really strong relationship ahead. You can even ask rebates in a snap! Third thing we need to consider is whether we are comfortable with the Technical Support Service they provide. Because these people are the ones who can help you resolve issues you might not have experienced before. Some of them are just issues on their end. There are providers who even call up their customers if they are going to have maintenance activities for a certain period of time. You also have to make sure that the company is not going to schedule a technician with a really high fee on it that will just install a simple phone cable for you. In this way, you can really save from overcharging.

Internet can really be friendly when we were able to choose it well. It's the only way to help us resolve personal issues with someone really important to us and if you are doing business it can really help you achieve the really high profit on a really cheap DSL price.